This Seafood Looks Scary, But Tastes Sooo Good!

This Seafood Looks Scary, But Tastes Sooo Good!

From shrimp to scallops and everything in between, seafood is a dish that many people love. These common seafood creatures take on a different look after being fried, seared or baked. There are some sea creatures, on the other hand, that look like terrifying monsters before being cooked and we’re pretty sure we’re never eating them again. Beware!


Yes, those are teeth. These long creatures look like they could suck you in and never let go. Well, that’s just how they survive. Lampreys are like vampires that latch onto dolphins and suck their blood until they die. They also breed in a similar way by wrapping around a female and squeezing her until her eggs pop out. Despite all these terrifying characteristics, apparently they taste good.



This creature looks like one of those mythical sea monsters you’d never want to encounter. But, it’s real, all too real. Although this monkfish looks terrifying, it’s rise in popularity has brought the price of its tail up to that of a lobster! We’re not sure we want to even see its tail in the seafood aisle after seeing the big body it comes from.



If eels don’t make you squirm, we don’t know what will. Their snake-like bodies just give us the heebie jeebies and make us feel like they’re crawling all over us. Gross!



Done. Game over. This oyster looks like it’s been run over, chewed up and spit out. It’s absolutely terrifying. But somehow, people love their oysters.


No, not the magic conch shell from Spongebob. You might love this slimy creature fried to perfection, but once you see it alive, the game is over. The body that comes out of that shell might looks disgusting to you, but the conch is the most popular dish in the Bahamas. It is often eaten fried as conch fritters or raw in salads. Yum….?


These clams aren’t your typical round-shelled clam. We think the fact that this club-like clam is actually living is the most terrifying thing about this creature. Their name, Geoduck, is pronounced “gooey-duck” and that just makes us squirm.


Crab may be good on your plates, but this monster looks like it could pinch your eyes out. Those claws, that mouth, yep, no thank you. We’ll stick with seeing these bad boys in the deep fryer.


Calamari, also known as squid, is commonly served fried with marinara sauce in an Italian restaurant. But before they are fried to perfection, they look terrifying, absolutely terrifying. Why do all seafood have creepy, beady eyes?!


Scallops are a popular dish, but the living creature looks nothing like the cooked scallops you order at a restaurant. The tiny black dots all over this scallop just look like eyes staring at you from every direction. Quit watching us!



Oh shrimp. Whether fried or seared, shrimp are a go-to seafood for most people at a restaurant. These live creatures also have creepy eyes that just seem like they’re looking into your soul. We’re so glad our shrimp cocktails come with the heads off of them!


This thing is terrifying! Although skates don’t normally grow to be this large, the fact that they can, is horrific. Just look at its beady eyes and mouth that’s bigger than the guy behind it! Never. Going, In. The. Ocean. Again.

Credit to OOLA for this creepy seafoods!