Sleep Problems? Here’s The Solution!

Sleep Problems? Here’s The Solution!

Sleep is important for our bodies to function properly and is essential for our health and well-being. It affects interpersonal relationships and our ability to function properly. Lack of sleep can cause abnormalities of the brain and nervous system, metabolism, immune and cardiovascular systems. According to a study the National Sleep Foundation 60% of adults report having sleep problems at least a few nights a week with 69% of children experiencing a couple nights of sleep problems. This post will share 5 ways to improve sleep naturally.

How to Improve Sleep Naturally

1. Exercise Regularly


Daily moderate exercise is important to regulate sleep by releasing the stress hormone cortisol. Exercise should be done in the morning or during the day, not at night before bed because it stimulates the body. Regular exercise helps to transition easily between sleep cycles. Adding exercise to your regimen can help to overcome sleep problems.

2. Diet Matters


What we eat plays a big role in how well we sleep. A recent study out of Perelman School of Medicine found that certain nutrients may play an underlying role in short and long sleep duration and that people who report eating a large variety of foods, an indicator of an overall healthy diet, had the healthiest sleep patterns. According to the research short sleepers consumed the most calories, followed by normal sleepers, followed by very short sleepers, followed by long sleepers. Food variety was highest in normal sleepers, and lowest in very short sleepers.

3. Reduce Blue Light Exposure


Television and computer usage before bed can disrupt normal sleep patterns. Blue Light exposure can prevent the body from creating melatonin which promotes sleep, which causes a delay in falling to sleep and interferes with transitioning into the different sleep cycles. Blue Blocker glasses (where to buy) are recommended to wear at least two hours before bed if you watch TV or use the computer at night to eliminate the blue light.

4. Meditate Regularly


Research shows that practicing meditation during the day helps to improve sleep at night. Regular practicing of relaxation techniques helps the body to wind down faster and fall asleep quicker and transition between sleep phases more easily.

5. Essential Oils


Essential oils can be very effective in helping the body to wind down for sleep and can also assist with a good night’s sleep. Lavender and chamomile are common essential oils that can help with sleep and different oils can be blended together to make the ultimate sleepy time concoction. Diffusing essential oils, adding a few to a bath before bed or rubbing on the bottoms of the feet are great ways to allow essential oils to do their magic. Click here to learn more about essential oils and how they can aid with sleep problems.

By following a regular sleep routine of falling asleep around the same time every night and following the 5 suggestions above should help to establish healthy sleeping habits and improve overall health and well being.

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