Guide on How To Stay Young

Guide on How To Stay Young

The way I look at it . . . you really don’t need an “anti-aging program” as creating a healthy lifestyle in and of itself is an anti-aging program!

Staying young — inside and out — can help you live the active, full life most of us desire. It is not just about being wrinkle-free or displaying the tightest abs, but having the energy and vitality to being able to take advantage of all the opportunities that life offers. Although you can begin making adjustments at any time to improve and adopt healthy habits, starting as early as possible in your life can reap even bigger gains.

Nine Healthy Habits For Anti-Aging

I have nine categories of anti-aging (or in this case, adopting healthy habits) with loads of links to posts with more details for you to explore, too. Poke around and tap on the green links to see where you might want to improve or get inspired to make a change.

1. Create Stress Relief.


Stress is coming at us all the time and it can sometimes feel as if it is seeping into every cell of our bodies. I always hear the advice to eliminate it from you life, but that is just impossible! I don’t know of anyone that does not have a difficult person or situation that they just can’t turn their back on so easily. So, I say, learn to deal with the stress better. That usually involves boundaries of some kind and taking some time for yourself to decompress.

Try tai chi or mediation that I talked about here to keep you in the calm zone.

Treat yourself to regular massage to melt the stress away and catch these other benefits.

Music is a great way to escape for a while and lighten the mood.

2. Get Daily (or almost) Exercise.

Keeping up good fitness levels is not just good for your waistline. It is a great mood elevator and protects us against heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and just about any other disease, too. Each decade as we age, we lose muscle mass more readily so including a weight program or weight bearing exercise is important to include in your routine. Exercise can help keep our joints lubricated as well keeping cartilage damage and potential arthritis pain at bay.

If you have fallen off the wagon keeping to an exercise routine or have not even started one, it happens to all of us!

You may want to find out why I hate exercise sometimes.

Cash flow low and no space to workout? Don’t let it stop you and see how to create a home gym with no money and no space.

3. Monitor What You Put In Your Mouth.


First up, toss the cigs, cigars and those electronic things too!. It is the easiest way to age and make wrinkles and most importantly, shorten your life span or create disease. It is just as bad for those around you, too. Second-hand smoke is very damaging.

Foods high in antioxidants and minerals and all the other good things found in fresh vegetables and fruits protect our bodies from harm and fortify our bodies and minds to work their best. Try to keep to organic as much as possible.

These superfoods can really do the trick in increasing those phytonutrient levels.

I think this chart on greens and how to prepare them can help.

If weight loss is desirable or needed, intermittent fasting could be something to explore with your doctor. But, it is not for everyone!

4. Choose Fats Wisely.


Healthy fats are essential. Trans fats are not! Processed foods tend to contain a lot of “bad for us fats” and should be avoided as much as you can. Omega-3 fatty acids found in some fish and other foods are particularly beneficial to the skin, brain, and cardiovascular system.

Read all about omega 3’s magic here and how best to get them.

Extra-virgin olive oil contains fatty acids similar to those found in our skin and is an incredibly gentle moisturizer, too. The oldest woman on record used it daily. Perhaps we should follow her path and learn more about its specific benefits here.

5. Find The Right Amount Of Sleep For You And Do Your Best To Get It.


How much sleep we get can certainly affect our appearance, how quickly our brain neurons fire and our energy levels, too.

Find the sweet spot for sleep according to latest studies here.

Make sure to create a bedtime routine for yourself for sweet dreams.

Easily design a restful spot to get your proper relaxation.

6. Guard The Peeps.


Our eyes and the skin around them can age quickly and suddenly. Wear sunglasses to block the damaging rays as much as possible when outside and get regular checkups to make sure your prescription is correct to avoid squinting and straining causing more wrinkles. (I say forget about those laugh lines and crows feet that can happen when you laugh and smile, though. They are worth every joke and good time!)

7. Stimulate Your Brain And Your Soul.

Switch it up and step out of your comfort zone to activate your brain and your senses to keep them sharp for the years ahead. Use it or lose it! Take a class, learn a new language, volunteer for that project, travel and mingle with others regularly.

If your social skills are a little rusty, try these tips on how to make a great first impression.
Follow this free, really simple tip and you will be on your way to create your strongest relationships.

8. Protect Your Largest Organ – Your skin.

Sunscreens can get a bad rap with all the chemicals in them. I try to use it sparingly or choose safer options. But, regardless wearing a hat with a brim under intense sun situations and staying covered or in the shade during peak hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when its rays are the strongest are helpful.

Find a good facial cleansing routine that works for your skin type and always remove makeup before bed to remove pollution and grime that can clog and age the skin. Choose a moisturizer and other skin products that are toxin-free to keep it hydrated and protected. Don’t forget your hands and feet as they can really suffer and age without the proper moisture levels, too.

9. Smile Often.


Don’t be stingy with your smile. It does wonders for you and whomever you are around (bringing in that social aspect to keeping young!). Keep that smile bright though with white, cavity and dental filling-free teeth. It is so worth the care required. Think of the expense and pain you will save yourself by keeping to a regular brushing and flossing routine and regular check-ups.

Tap here to find out the best practices to keep white and stain-free teeth and keeping that smile youthful.

Would you care to add in here on how to keep our youthful attitude and good looks? By all means, jump in!

Article originated from The Health Minded. Please visit their website for more tips!