Five Reasons to Run With Your Furry Friend

Five Reasons to Run With Your Furry Friend


1. People don’t have tails that wag

On days you’re dragging, Sparky can remind you that running should be joyful. His relaxed stride and frisky vigor are contagious. Dogs even look like they’re smiling.

2. It’s better than bonding over a bowl of kibble

You like to run. And dogs are natural runners. You might be surprised how much you get out of sharing this common interest. It’s even better if you both take a nap afterward.


3. They don’t worry about negative splits

Human partners can get caught up in how many calories they’ve burned and their GPS stats, but a dog will remind you that the best workouts are the ones where you run free.

4. They won’t accept your excuses

When that tail starts wagging, it’s hard to say no. One University of Missouri study showed that people who exercised with a dog were more likely to stick with it than those who go it alone or with a human partner.

5. A tired dog is a good dog

Get Fido sufficiently tired, and when you get home, he’s more apt to snooze at your feet than terrorize the postman—or chew up your new Nikes.


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