Early Bird Is A Habit Of Success

Early Bird Is A Habit Of Success

School is about to start for many of our readers and we all know what that means: 8 am classes! Are you the type of person to set five alarms and still not wake up on time? Here are five tips to becoming a morning person this semester!

1. Go to bed earlier!

woman sleepingIt may be tempting to start that new show on Netflix at 11 pm after a long day, but you will be paying for it in the morning. Turn off all electronics and instead, try to wind down with a nice cup of chamomile tea and a good book before getting a solid 8 hours of sleep.

2. Eat a hearty breakfast:

healthy breakfast foods

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially if you have a physics exam at 8 am. Pile on the protein and re-energize yourself with a meal consisting of a protein, a fruit or veggie, and a whole grain (Think: Greek yogurt topped with fresh blueberries topped with granola and chia seeds). And if you’re a walking zombie without your morning caffeine fix, adding a spill of milk or fortified soymilk (i.e. lattes and café au laits) will help spike your beverage with calcium and protein.

3. Reward yourself for not pressing the snooze button by using the extra time to relax:

read your favorite newspaper column, listen to the first ten minutes of a funny podcast, fit in some cardio, whatever you want! Even having time for an extra cup of coffee or not having to race out the door can be a reward. You’ll find yourself feeling more motivated throughout the day by starting your morning on a positive note.

4. Move your muscles:


Our bodies are wired to peak alertness first thing in the morning. Therefore, starting your day with a workout can help boost the morning energy surge, as you will have elevated body temperature and elevated adrenalin levels for several hours after you exercise. Additionally, exercising before breakfast burns more fat calories and results in more weight loss than exercising after breakfast, according to research.

5. Prep for a good morning:


Shorten your morning routine by packing lunch the night before, ironing your clothes beforehand or stocking your gym bag. Crossing off items on your to-do list the night before ensures you wake up ready to take on the day prepared and less stressed!

Credit to Society 19 for these tips!