Crazy Bucket List Idea For You!

Crazy Bucket List Idea For You!

Bucket list actually makes you feel you’ve actually achieved something in your life and gifts you with memories that will be engraved deep inside your brain so that one day you could boast about it to your grandchildren. So what about making the list crazy? Yes, you heard that right. Crazy minds takes your adventure to a whole new dimension so that you’ll surmise about those things you did in every second of your life.

Confucius said, life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. So here are 10 crazy bucket list ideas to make the best out of your life.

Cage Dive with the Beast of the Ocean-Great White Shark


You want crazy? You got it. This crazy bucket list idea will give definitely give you a lifetime full of memories. And can even haunt you in your dreams. Even though you are protected inside that steel cage, every time the shark storms towards you it’ll definitely get the scare for the life.

Go on a Skydive!


This will be an extreme crazy bucket list idea for some of you. But still, it’s crazy. Most of you might think it’s only jettisoning yourself out of the plane and landing safely but it’s not only that. Skydiving gives you an opportunity to see the view of earth which no other tour packages can give you at the present.

Cage of Death in Australia

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live, says Dorothy Thompson. So if you want to live the life the way it’s meant to be then you can face the scary crocodiles that are trying to kill you while you’re inside a transparent chamber in water.

Get a Taste of Zero Gravity


Many of you will be aspiring to experience that zero gravity while watching Interstellar. So if you’re ready to shell out some real money, you can get an experience of space. You can book a seat at gozerog.

Chase a Tornado


When we talk about crazy bucket list, it should be crazy enough to play the daredevil. Chasing the Tornado is the last thing any sane person would do and ergo that’s this came into the crazy list.

Hair Grooming by Monkey

You get your haircut from your barber every month. How about this time by a monkey? This pal would dexterously pull out lice out of your hair.

Walk of Faith

When you talk about this it sounds silly but when you do the real thing. Walk of faith is actually a path alongside a mountain that’s made of glass! Yup, you heard that right and it is at height of 1,430 m. If you think you can freely walk without staring down fly to Zhangjiajie Tianmen, Hunan Province, China. If you do this your bucket list will stay true to the word crazy.

Attempt a Bungee Jump


Are you ready to jump off to an abyss with a rope tied your body while you’ve nothing to hold onto? Then add this to your crazy bucket list. Also remember to perform this in places with breathtaking views.

Take a Random Train

Go to the train station and get into the first train that you see. Go to wherever it takes you and have a tea at the end point. The craziness of this trip will reward you with a lot of unforgettable memories.

Participate in La Tomatina

Yes, you guessed it right. La Tomatina has very much to do with tomatoes! Participate in it and you can bath in ketchup. It’s held every year in Buñol Valencia, Spain. Throwing tomatoes at a bunch of strangers should be on your bucket list if you are looking for the word crazy.

So after you’ve crossed off your crazy bucket list and talk to your friends about this they’ll say, “ Man, you’re crazy!”

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