Cooking With Protein Powder: Our 7 Favorite Recipes

Cooking With Protein Powder: Our 7 Favorite Recipes

It’s fast, it’s portable, its light, it’s the all popular protein powder!  Protein powder supports muscle growth and recovery and is easy and versatile in the kitchen.  Not just for liquids, it can be used to create delicious dishes like muffins, burgers, even lasagna!

Below are our seven favorite protein recipes to tickle your tastebuds and trim your waistline!

1. Spinach Red Onion Salmon Protein Pizza


Wait a minute, did you say pizza?!  Yes we did!  Our all time favorite cheat meal can now be eaten guilt free.  Add or take away any of the toppings to make everyones favorite dish without all the guilt.

2. Meaty Lasagna


We know, you thought you’d never get to eat lasagna again, right?  This amazing lasagna recipe using Quest multipurpose protein powder gives you a taste alternative to high calorie lasagna that will fit into anyones meal plan!

3. Easy No Bake Protein Cookies


A classic protein powder favorite, no bake protein cookies are simple and absolutely delicious!   Satisfy your sugar cravings without breaking up with your healthy lifestyle.  Switch out protein powder flavors you love, and exclude the peanut butter to reduce the calorie.  Enjoy!

4. Paleo Protein Pancakes


We couldn’t give you protein recipes without the all time favorite protein pancakes.  To keep it calorie friendly try Walden’s sugar free syrup for a yummy meal any time of day!

5. Six Ingredient Protein Fudge


Your mind’s not playing tricks on you-we said fudge!  This delicious recipe can be made with any chocolate protein powder for an easy delicious treat to curb your sugar craving and keep you on track.

6. Blueberry Protein Muffins


Do you know the muffin man?  Try this alternative to its sugary counterpart for delicious muffins that won’t give you a muffin top!  For an even simpler recipe try blueberry flavored protein powder, egg whites, and baking powder.  Yum!

7. Protein Peach Surprise

Protein Peach Surprise

Who says you have to forgo those delicious deserts without tipping the scales?  This healthy and easy recipe includes fat free cream cheese and would make an excellent breakfast or pre workout snack!