Be Health Conscious – Eat Organic

Be Health Conscious – Eat Organic

If you are a little bit health conscious, you know that what you eat is the most important to avoid illnesses. You may have already started consuming more fruits and veggies, and you do not eat as much junk as you used to be.

But what if I tell you that it is not enough. What if I say that those “healthy” foods that you buy from the stores are actually bad for you?

There is a huge difference between having an apple from the supermarket and an organic farm.

If you want to have proper nutrition, you should have as many natural products as possible.

Read on to find out why you need to settle with organic foods.

To Avoid Chemicals


Did you know that more than 600 chemicals are registered and used in the agriculture in the USA? And billions of pounds of these harmful chemicals are used in each year? Shocking, isn’t?

If you go to the a supermarket, you can see huge and perfect looking fruits and veggies (even if they are on the shelves for weeks). If you think that this is normal, then think twice. Those harmful chemicals are the reasons why those products are so perfect.

Organics farming is not allowed to use any of these chemicals. The products are maybe not so perfect and tempting, but they do not hold things that make you ill. Here you can read more about the chemicals in the agriculture.

To Take in More Nutrients


Those foods that are produced on organic farms are far richer in beneficial nutrients because of the healthy soil they are grown in. Compared to conventional foods they hold much more minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc. So, even if you eat less organic food, you will take in more nutrients.

Better Taste


If you grew up in the countryside like me, you might know the real taste of the fruits and greens. The taste of the factory-made products cannot compete with the organic foods.

Try it yourself. Buy some tomatoes from a bio farm and the store. The difference is unbelievable.

To Avoid GMO


Sad but true but genetically engineered food production is legal in almost everywhere now. The problem is that we do not know who it affects the nature, and the human body since this technology has been used only for 15 years.

If you buy organic food, you do not have to be afraid of it, since it is forbidden to utilize this technology.

To Avoid Drugs and Hormones

Watch the video how organic farmers do it.

It is unbelievable that how many ways the “modern” agriculture manipulates the nature to produce more in less time. They give hormones and other drugs to the animals, and in their meat, those unwanted components can be found.

A hundred year ago it took months for farmers to raise a chicken, now in 3 weeks the chickens are in cutting age.

Meat from organic farms is clear from these drugs. Besides the animals have had a much better life. And the taste of those meats is delicious.

To Preserve the Ecosystem


Organic farming is not only good for you but the Earth, since it is in harmony with nature. These farmers use old, but proven and nature safe technologies to prevent the health of the soil such as crop rotation.

These people know that it is possible to grow products without damaging and with the help of the wildlife.

To Protect the Water, Air, and Soil

A huge problem with the various fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals in the agriculture is that they poison the environment, the water and sooner or later they destroy the value of the farmland. So, they make you unhealthy immediately.

Since organic farming does not use any of these, they do not pollute the environment in any ways. And they can maintain a long-lasting food production.

To Protect the Future Generation


If you support the unethical agriculture, you take part in worsening the future of your kids and of course yours. Water and soil pollution is already a critical problem all over the world, and it is going to be worse.


Next time you go to the shop and want to pick a shining, large apple think what you have learned today. Instead, find an organic greengrocer. You may have to pay a little bit more, but you get products that are really healthy. And you support those true and hard-working farmers who want to provide real value for the people without damaging the world around them.

Article originated from FitBodyBuzz. Please visit their website for more tips!