Are You Desperate Enough To Try These Crazy Things Just To Look Beautiful?

Are You Desperate Enough To Try These Crazy Things Just To Look Beautiful?

Few of us actually want to age; we want to remain looking young, cool and beautiful. We want to be able to go to the same clubs we went to in our twenties, hang out with our kids and make strangers think they’re actually our siblings, and we want to be told that we don’t look a day over 30 despite our 50th birthday approaching.

Most of us, though, resign to the fact that we have to age. We don’t want to age, but what can we do about it? Well, believe it or not, there are some people out there who are so terribly desperate to stay young and beautiful that they’ll do literally anything to keep the sands of time at bay. Let’s take a look at 10 crazy things people do to stay young and beautiful.



Leeches are steeped in folklore. Back in medieval times, doctors everywhere used them to treat their patients. They were kind of like the first alternative form of medicine, although back in those days they were often thought of as a “proper” form of medicine.

But times have changed, and we have now swapped leeches for actual medicines and pills. But people do still use leeches as a beauty treatment, including celebrities such as Demi Moore. This is because of their ability to remove toxins form our blood, giving us a nice healthy glow.

Bird Poop


Okay, we’re not going to lie to you: bird poop is downright disgusting. But we did say that these are 10 crazy things that people will do to try and stay young and healthy, and bird poop certainly makes the list by virtue of it being so eew.

The good news is that the bird poop used by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham as part of their beauty regiment is classy bird poop: it comes from the nightingale, which is the embodiment of upper-class birds. Victoria Beckham wasn’t the first to try it, though; Japanese Geishas have been using it for years.

Cat Litter

I know what cat litter’s correct function is and you know what cat litter’s correct function is. But not everyone does.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley found an alternative use for cat litter when she started scrubbing her body with it. Maybe she was short in sponges at the time, or maybe she was drunk. Either way, it seemed to do a good job and is apparently one of the reasons why she still looks so young and beautiful despite her age (60).

The problem with cat litter is that hulking it home can be a real pain as it’s just so darn heavy.

Crocodile Dung

This totally insane beauty treatment isn’t actually still popular today, but was instead all the rage during the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

To create the face mask to end all face masks, those guys and gals would use a special ingredient – crocodile dung. We shudder to even try to imagine what it smelled like, but at least it was a step up from the meal of choice for the Spartans – pig’s blood.

Snake Venom


Normally, snake venom will either paralyse you or kill you completely. Naturally, we wouldn’t even imagine going anywhere near a wild snake that is ready to end our lives.

But when it comes to staying young and beautiful, there are some women who are clearly wiling to risk life and limb. Snack venom, then, is seen as a regular part of the beauty routine of a number of celebrities, including Debra Mesing and Gwyneth Paltrow. They argue that, far from being poisonous, this venom improves skin elasticity.

Snake venom isn’t cheap, though, and costs up to $185 a pop.

Bull Semen


In London UK, more and more salons are starting to mix bull semen into their hair treatment. They’re either wily or downright insane.

The semen is mixed with a rare Iranian plant and apparently helps to repair and strengthen hair that has taken a hit from too much styling. It’s all about the protein, you see.

Well, it is once you can get past the semen bit.

Who said those Greeks and Romans were wacky?

A Snake Massage

snakeThe snake’s are back, only this time we’re not talking about a totally dead snake’s venom.

In Israel, it’s not exactly uncommon to let a non-venomous snake slither along your body to produce a kneading sensation that soothes the muscles.

The treatment costs $80.

Sheep Embryo

Blondie singer Debbie Harry says she was injected with sheep embryo thirty years ago and that this is one of the reasons she continues to look so young.

“I had these cells injected into me in my early 30s and it turned out that I was the youngest person to have the treatment. They would take cells from the liver glands, bone and whatever. Whether that treatment lasted this long, I don’t know, but I feel great.”

We’ve heard of rockers sacrificing sheep before, but we never knew it was to get at its embryo in a bid to stay young and beautiful!

Face Slapping


In Thailand, people who want to stay young and beautiful happily shell out $350 for a 15 minute session of face slapping.

Although your friend would probably gladly slap your face for free, apparently they wouldn’t be able to do it in such a way that your face remains ever youthful.

As part of the happy slapping treatment, a persons’ face is pinched and manipulated so that wrinkles and pores disappear for ever.

Stay beautiful!

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