30 Seconds to Better Mobility

30 Seconds to Better Mobility

The human being is designed to move, yet some 86% of Full Time American workers spend most of their days sitting.  Add sitting and sleeping and you have a day spent mostly inactive.

Here are the movement problems that are caused or made worse by extensive sitting:

  • Decreased hip mobility (especially extension)
  • Decreased thoracic mobility (specifically excessive kyphosis, or forward curvature)
  • Decreased shoulder mobility (rounded forward and drawn inward)
  • Lack of shoulder stability due to lack of scapular movement
  • Poor core coordination and strength
  • Gluteal amnesia (the glutes stop working)
  • Head-forward posture (really bad for your neck)

It’s pretty horrifying when you realize that excessive sitting alone can make you a poorly functioning human being.  The video below is a 30 second routine that can greatly improve your quality of movement and living.



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